Hylant: Franchise & Hospitality

A Unique Industry with Unique Needs

Hylant: Hospitality and Franchise

Hylant's Franchise & Hospitality Practice specializes in reducing risks, controlling costs, and improving operational and administration efficiencies for a variety of small businesses. Because Hylant insures a large number of hospitality and franchised organizations, we're able to lower costs through volume pricing so your business receives the best coverage at very competitive rates.

Businesses with similar risk characteristics in different locations can combine their purchasing power to obtain insurance on more favorable terms than those available to individuals. Hylant has the experience to develop a sponsored insurance program for qualified franchises, associations, or industry groups.

Hylant also offers policy enhancements, such as programs that adequately cover the franchisee as well as the franchisor, so all parties are securely insured. This includes customized risk management programs and claim services administered by experienced advisors exclusively devoted to the needs of franchised and hospitality organizations.