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Executive Risk Insurance

As an executive, you make the best decisions you can each day, using the information that is available. As prudent and well thought-out as those decisions are, they make you vulnerable to risks in today’s complex, litigious and often unpredictable business environment. Our job is to help you protect your interests and your company, affording you the added confidence and support to do yours.

Your Hylant executive risk management professional is an expert at identifying ways to protect you, your assets and your organization. We get to know you and your business thoroughly. Then we give you the sound advice we would want if we were you.

Aligning our vast, longstanding relationships with all major domestic and international executive risk insurers, we pinpoint the best fit for your needs and your organization’s risk profile. We are committed to offering you a comprehensive, cost-effective executive insurance program, which could include:

Our customized approach to identifying and profiling risk and modeling solutions enables you to make educated, informed decisions on the optimal executive liability insurance program and executive protection insurance coverage. Of course, business doesn’t stand still. Neither does the executive risk landscape. We stay by your side, providing vital updates about market changes, developing exposures, new products and emerging legislation.


Our experts would love to talk to you about finding the best executive insurance options for your particular needs.

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