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Ensuring that your plan is in compliance with ever-changing federal and state laws can be a daunting task. Hylant proactively monitors legislative activity and provides timely and relevant updates focused on actionable items. Aside from ongoing updates, we offer a host of resources centered on ensuring your plans are compliant and benefits administration is painless.

With compliance being a close second to costs on the list of employer challenges, we have devoted resources to help you avoid having noncompliant benefits programs. Our compliance committee, comprised of team members from throughout our offices, is led of a benefits industry expert with support from our outside legal counsel.

Stay Informed of Changing Legislation

The American Health Care Act is in motion with significant elements of the former Affordable Care Act to be omitted or changed. We make it our business to monitor changes in regulatory mandates so that you can focus on running your business.

Our dedicated compliance practice leaders throughout the organization routinely share information with you, focused on what you need to know and act on now versus legalese.

Recent Webinars

IRS “Pay or Play” Penalties Are Here. How to Respond to IRS Letter 226J. // December 2017

Update from Washington: Where does ACA repeal go from here? Our take on what’s to come in 2017 along with a few key dates to follow this summer and fall. // August 2017

Update from Washington: Understanding the Better Care Reconciliation Act 2.0. // July 2017

Compliance Review

No one likes the sound of the word “audit.” And who really has time for one, not to mention actually prepare to answer the countless questions and provide appropriate documentation?

We work alongside you before an audit happens to review your benefit plans from a compliance perspective. Sound like something you might be interested in? Talk to one of our employee benefits experts today about our comprehensive compliance review, which will help you feel confident if and when an audit is required.


Our experts would love to talk to you about the ever changing compliance requirements associated with being an employer offering benefit plans.

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