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Anthem Breach Information and FAQs

Feb 18, 2015

By now you’ve likely heard that Anthem was the target of a sophisticated cyber-attack where hackers gained access to the personal information of current and former members. As the FBI and forensic investigators analyze Anthem’s information systems to determine the breadth of the attack and the identity of affected members, Anthem is offering free identity and credit theft monitoring for 24 months, as well as identity repair assistance.

Anthem is also providing information regarding the current known facts about the breach, and links to the services and protections offered by Anthem at From there, users can also link to a Frequently Asked Questions webpage with even more information.

Each business organization must evaluate how to communicate information to its employees and what actions it should or must take in response to the Anthem breach. Business organizations that sponsor the insurance plan for their employees will have to consider what obligations Anthem has retained as an insurer, and what obligations the plan sponsor (employer) has retained through its administrative service agreement and business associate agreement. Appropriate steps should be guided by the advice of internal and external professionals and legal counsel.

As we all wait for further information, organizations may advise their individual employees to take more immediate action, such as … Read more

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