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Three Risk Control Principles to Help Prevent Workplace Injuries

Apr 20, 2015

Every business today faces global competition, slimmer margins, higher shareholder and public expectations, along with eroding profitability.   As a result, businesses cannot afford to lose money from something as preventable as workplace injuries.

Expenses from workplace injuries are not the responsibility of the employee – the employer is responsible and the costs can add up quickly.  It’s critical for businesses to have a comprehensive workplace safety & risk control program in place so they can minimize their risk of incurring losses from claims, potential OSHA citations and monetary penalties, increased insurance premiums or potential notice of non-renewal from an insurance company, loss of community respect, negative labor relation issues, and loss of business from savvy customers.

All businesses have access to which provides a wealth of information on occupational safety and health, and details on how to be compliant with OSHA regulations.  However, there is a big difference between knowing what you should do to protect your employees and your business, and actually doing it. One of the main reasons for non-compliance is not for lack of intent, but rather a lack of resources, time and money for appropriate implementation.

Hylant helps clients mitigate workplace injuries by implementing solutions that are time-tested, effective, and drive sustainable results through the introduction and acknowledgement of the following three risk control principles:

  1. All workplace injuries can be prevented.
  2. Everyone at every level must take personal responsibility for their own safety, the safety of the people around them, and for the people they influence.
  3. Everyone at every level must be accountable.  There must be consequences when someone avoids taking personal responsibility for safety.

How can a business ensure that every employee will adhere to these principles? It starts from the top down and with the development of a Safety Leadership Team.  There must be commitment at every level.

To learn more about how you can prevent workplace injuries and control your losses, utilize Hylant’s expertise and proven strategies by contacting your Hylant representative.

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