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Manufacturers’ Cyber Risks are Multiplying

Mar 22, 2016

How secure are your manufacturing operations from cyber risks?

Many people think organizations need to handle massive amounts of data, such as retailers and health care companies do, to be targets for cyber criminals. In fact, an industry that’s facing more cyber attacks is manufacturing.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team, or ICS-CERT, which focuses on reducing cybersecurity risks in the nation’s critical infrastructure, investigated 295 incidents in fiscal 2015, up 20% from 2014. According to ICS-CERT, one-third of the incidents involved critical manufacturing, double from a year earlier. After critical manufacturing, the industries with the most incidents included energy, representing 16%; water, 8%; transportation systems, 8%; and government facilities, 6%. Not all such incidents are reported to ICS-CERT, which means the total number likely is even higher.

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