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Leveraging Risk Management to Prepare a Company for Sale

Apr 25, 2016

As more middle-market companies begin to consider an exit or divestiture, dealmakers are searching for new ways to better market a company. It’s estimated that 60 percent of full-time M&A advisors will spend 2016 on the sell side.

One opportunity to add value that is frequently overlooked is insurance risk management. Unresolved liabilities and exposures can trigger concerns among potential buyers and even become roadblocks if not addressed early. From the onset of sell-side due diligence – along with a quality of earnings review, projected business trends and customer assessments – a well-prepared deal team should conduct a quantitative risk analysis.

New analytical technology can now place precise present-day values on future liabilities. As part of the process, a seller can identify and close liability gaps, tighten operations and present a better, more transparent company for sale.

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