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Benefits Administration: Mitigating Risk and Amplifying Value

Sep 15, 2016

Picture this: One day your CFO walks into your office and wants to talk about driving efficiency and managing costs within HR.

On the same day you are meeting with a group of new hires, the majority of whom happen to be millennials, and you hand them a stack of papers to review and enroll in benefits. They, in turn, stare back at you like deer in the headlights, uncertain how to react to this paper-based process when they are used to firing up their mobile device to perform such a task. Lastly, you finish your day by attending a webinar that shines a bright light on all of the recent compliance and regulations that have been placed upon the administration of your benefits program.

You leave the office that day with some combination of a need to pull your hair out, pour a stiff drink, or draw a hot bath as a way to manage these potential stressors.

Download our white paper to continue reading.

This paper outlines five critical dimensions you should consider when evaluating potential benefits administration automation technology providers. It also discusses three areas to focus on when you are planning an HR technology implementation.

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