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ACA repeal is a given. What will replace it is in question.

Jan 23, 2017

With President Donald Trump now officially in office and the recent House vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the question on the minds of most Americans is what will replace the current law and will some of the positive legislation associated with ACA also go away.

While the ACA certainly has its flaws, there were a few components that benefited many employees who elect coverage through their employer. Things like preventive care services being covered at 100%, increasing the dependent age limit to 26, the elimination of annual and lifetime limits and the removal of pre-existing condition clauses all were enhancements to plan participants. These same changes also brought limitations to employers in terms of plan design and cost-containment strategies.

The reality is that today we do not have an answer as to what will stay or go in terms of the ACA. We do have a few speculated changes based on current expert opinion, research and formal statements released by the president and the Republican Party prior to the inauguration.

For now, we don’t recommend you make any quick decisions based on the impending ACA repeal. Instead, rest assured that Hylant is connected and staying tuned in to the changes in Washington D.C. as they relate to the ACA. We are at the ready to share relevant information with you that impacts your business.

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