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Email Scam Requesting Employee W-2 Forms

Feb 13, 2017

The IRS continues to warn of email phishing scams targeting employees’ personal information from W-2 forms. The email, most often directed to Human Resource professionals or C-suite members of corporations across the country, appears to be sent from the IRS requesting a list of employees and their personal information along with copies of their W-2 forms. Newer information also suggests the scammers are asking employers to wire money. The emails look so legit over 30,000 people have fallen for the scam.

Several warnings have been issued by the IRS along with a variety of other news publications who all warn employers to be cautious in responding to any emails requesting personal information of employees. Additionally, we highly suggest that you have a privacy policy and officer in place ready to address any potential breach of information.

The IRS provides specific guidance on what to do if you have been targeted by a W-2 scam email, along with resources for employees whose personal information may have been compromised. Read more from the IRS here

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