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It’s not IF your organization will suffer a cyber attack, it’s WHEN

Sep 13, 2017

No doubt you’ve already heard about the recent Equifax cyber attack that may have potentially compromised approximately 143 million people. After an attack like this, it leaves many of us wondering, “What if this happened to my business?” It’s really not a question of IF your organization will suffer a cyber event, but WHEN.

As increasing amounts of data are stored in various electronic databases, the potential for misuse of that data increases exponentially, threating your business, operations, customers and employees. It seems logical that traditional theft insurance would cover losses associated with digital information breaches, yet oftentimes it doesn’t.

The critical areas of protection for all organizations include data privacy, network security, crisis management and coverage for any business interruption that causes a loss of revenue and extra expense. You might also consider offering identity theft protection to your employees as a voluntary benefit option. This not only helps cover your most valuable asset, it also limits the amount of time to correct things if they fall victim to identity theft.

Identify the specific areas of vulnerability your business faces by partnering with Hylant. Our experts will help you to understand your cyber risks and help provide guidance on appropriate cyber protection.

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