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Active Shooter: How Do You Prepare for the Unthinkable?

Oct 02, 2017

The once unthinkable, mass shooting, is in the news yet again, with dozens being killed and hundreds being wounded last night in Las Vegas—the deadliest mass shooting in our country’s history. According to a story published by CNN, nearly one-third of all mass shootings occur in the U.S.

Entertainment venues, businesses, shopping centers, hospitals, places of worship and other types of organizations where large groups of people gather are most susceptible. The unpredictability of mass shootings, not knowing when or understanding why these events are going to occur, makes them difficult to prevent.

Training every member of the general public on individual response plans for every potential organization is impossible. So today, we have to think about the unthinkable and ask ourselves, What do I do if I find myself in an active shooter situation? The Department of Homeland Security “Active Shooter Preparedness” website contains materials, free workshops and other resources to help individuals and organizations understand the nature of these types of attacks and consider possible tactics for response before an event occurs.

It’s sobering that we live in a time when mass shooting is something we must actively think about and plan for, but preparation can save lives. Most organizations already have a basic emergency action plan for weather-related emergencies, fire or other natural disasters. Critical components of a good response plan may already be in place. Improving or adding to these programs with topics like mass-shooting incidents will only help to strengthen the ability to react and respond to all emergencies.

Hylant is committed to aiding our clients and communities in this area. Contact a Hylant risk control expert if you would like to learn more about improving your emergency action plan.

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