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Podcast Built for Construction Pros

Jul 30, 2018 blog featured image

Construction professionals face unique risks as part of their work. Law firm Brouse McDowell LPA and Hylant have partnered to create a podcast series, Construction Risk and Insurance Roundtable, which spotlights those risks and provides insights on managing them.

Topics include the following:

• Episode 1: Coverage for Construction Defects (13 minutes)
• Episode 2: Construction Contract Insurance Provisions (11 minutes)
• Episode 3: Indemnity Principles (10 minutes)
• Episode 4: Additional Insured Coverage (13 minutes)
• Episode 5: OCIP CCIP Coverage (11 minutes)
• Episode 6: Environmental Exposure and Coverage Options (8 minutes)
• Episode 7: Cyber Exposure and Coverage Options (12 minutes)
• Episode 8: Professional Liability (9 minutes)
• Episode 9: Claims Process (14 minutes)

Access all episodes from the construction industry page.

As always, contact a Hylant expert if you have questions about effective ways to manage your business risks.

Mark Holland, SVP Leader of the Hylant Construction Risk Practice