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Commercial Insurance Industry Trends – January 2020

Feb 06, 2020 Decorative image

Our newly released Market Update report summarizes the latest insurance market news, pricing and coverage trends, industry issues and overall outlook. To download the report, scroll to the end of this post and request your copy. Here are a few highlights.

Cyber Pressures Increase

While there is still plenty of capacity in the marketplace and more types of coverage are available, the increase in cybercrime (33% increase in breaches in just the first three quarters of 2019 alone) is putting pressure on rates. For clients with claim activity, underwriters are looking at the lessons learned and how organizations are modifying their risk management processes and preparedness plans. The industries most at risk include healthcare, retail and public entities.

Representation and Warranty Insurance Benefits Buyers and Sellers

Representation and warranty insurance (RWI) is used to transfer risk from both buyers and sellers to insurers in the course of large transactions. The number of RWI placements in the marketplace has grown dramatically in recent years. As awareness and understanding of this coverage increases, we believe that more buyers and sellers will insist on incorporating RWI as a requirement in purchase/sale agreements. The market is stable, capacity is abundant, and pricing is currently competitive.

No Relief for U.S. Property Market

Property insurance rates and premiums have increased for nine consecutive months, with more than 67% of accounts experiencing rate hikes for both catastrophic and non-CAT exposure risks. Carriers are focusing on profitability and are, due to the significant volume of requests, more often declining to provide proposals. Additionally, they may be providing non-renewal notices for unprofitable accounts, catastrophe exposures and certain industries. Projected rate increases are 10%-20% for a non-CAT property with a good loss history; 25%-40% for a CAT-exposed property with a good loss history; and 30%-60% for an account with a poor loss history—even greater if loss control recommendations haven’t been heeded.

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Commercial Insurance Market Update Report January 2020