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Coronavirus and Managing Your Newly Remote Workforce

Mar 31, 2020 blog featured image

Are you a traditional brick-and-mortar employer?

With the advent of the coronavirus pandemic, many states (30 as of this writing) have instituted some level of stay-at-home orders. Given that on Sunday, March 29, President Trump extended the national social distancing guidelines, you may be instituting or increasing your remote workforce.

As this may be a new endeavor for many employers, here are some considerations during this transition:


  • Communicate guidelines on working hours and any associated check-in requirements
  • Detail any plans to monitor employees while they are online
  • Provide clarity on expectations for employees who may also now be homeschooling or caregiving for others while working


  • Review, update or put in place a formal telecommuting policy
  • Account for cybersecurity expectations in your policy
  • Communicate and obtain acknowledgement of policy by employees


  • Ensure employees have adequate equipment necessary to work from home
  • Test and deploy videoconferencing solutions
  • Identify and communicate how employees will obtain support for their technology resources


  • Establish a plan for regular and varied communication
  • Communicate expectations for updates and news from within the organization
  • Establish a protocol for COVID-19 news and developments

Employee Engagement

  • Encourage employees to preserve their work-life balance
  • Check in with employees for a pulse on their new working arrangements
  • Set up virtual lunches and happy hours for a less structured, more social human interaction

These are just a few of the many items employers must contemplate as they move to managing a remote workforce.

Do you need assistance with at-home policy development? Are you looking for resources for engaging and communicating with your remote employees during this time? If so, reach out to your local Hylant employee engagement expert.

The above information does not constitute advice. Always contact your employee benefits broker or trusted adviser for insurance-related questions.

Author Teri Glass, employee engagement & communications practice leader