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At Hylant, we have always believed that relationships should mean something. That you need to look into someone’s eyes before you can trust them. And a handshake is as good as your word.

While you can’t get the human connection from a laptop or mobile device that you get when talking in person, we understand the value technology can have on your business and how it can simplify your life.

Insurance Technology

We work with you to understand your specific risk management and insurance needs. Our software solutions and data analytics teams are committed to helping you through insurance technology and innovation. We will collaborate with you to deliver solutions that streamline insurance-related processes and provide you with the data you need to make solid business decisions.

Other ways we can make life easier are through automated systems that reduce redundancies and administrative burdens. So, you can focus on your big picture business goals.

Use our personalized portal to access our client tools and other resources including:

  • Claims reporting
  • Certificate requests and issuance
  • Policy access
  • Document library
  • Risk management tools
  • Certificate management
  • Compliance and legislative resources

We also provide training and support, and encourage your feedback so we can develop new insurance technology and analytics that will give you the best possible outcomes.

BrokerTech Ventures

Since 2019, Hylant has been a proud partner of BrokerTech Ventures, an organization formed to identify, fund and mentor entrepreneurs in the insuretech industry. BrokerTech Ventures is the first accelerator program and investor group designed specifically to incubate technologies for insurance solutions.

Each year, 12 teams are admitted to a cohort, working on solutions rangining from helping brokers more efficiently wrangle and make sense of big data to better serve clients to using artificial intelligence that will empower users to find answers to their insurance-related questions more quickly, to bringing complex insurance application processes online. Hylant is currently involved in two pilot programs that are innovating how insurance-related data is analyzed.

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