Employee Benefits


Your Culture May Determine Whether an Employee Stays or Goes

Recent studies have revealed that employees highly value company culture in their decision to stay with—or leave—a company. Moreover, it is proven that employees who identify with and feel a sense of belonging to a company's culture are happier, more productive and want to work for the company longer.

Retaining employees who are happy and productive is not only good for employee morale, but also for your bottom line. Click here to learn more about which type of corporate culture your organization has, and what you can do to continue building a positive culture.

Relevant Resources

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Are wellness incentives taxable? Why, yes they are. All of them, in fact, unless a specific tax exemption applies to the incentive—or the amount of the incentive is included in an employee's gross income and is subject to payroll taxes. Read more >>

Legislative Webinar Series

Keeping you apprised of what's happening in Washington relative to healthcare and employee benefits is a top priority of ours. Visit Hylant's Compliance page for the most recent recording of our Hot Off the Hill webinar series featuring Holly Wahl, vice president of compliance, and James Slotnick, assistant vice president of broker education at Sun Life Financial.



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