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Exciting Changes Coming to the Ohio School Plan Gateway

The Ohio School Plan is pleased to announce some enhancements to the Gateway.

The Gateway has always allowed members the opportunity to complete applications online, review policy documents and obtain general claim reporting information. Updates now allow members to submit claims and incidents, send requests to risk management, and see the current status of open claims and past risk management letters. These changes will make the Gateway a more user-friendly and rewarding site, one that provides up-to-the-minute valuable information.

As a reminder, members also have access to the Ohio School Plan eRiskHub, an excellent web-based portal that provides valuable tools to combat cyber losses. The eRiskHub features news, content, and services from leading practitioners in risk management, information security, privacy, computer forensics, identity theft prevention, crisis communications, legal counsel, and other highly specialized areas of cyber risk. Access to the eRiskHub is available under the risk management section of the Ohio School Plan Gateway.

For questions about Gateway updates, please contact your local agent. We're confident that you'll find these updates useful and we welcome your feedback and comments.

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