The Lodge Fidelity Insurance Program
covers state and local lodges required
to maintain employee dishonesty
coverage to protect lodge funds from dishonest acts by lodge members.
Lodge Fidelity Insurance


Limit & Deductible Options

Limit *


3-Year Prepaid Premium **


* Limits requested over $25,000 are subject to additional underwriting requirements.
** Premium is considered fully earned at coverage inception.


Apply Online


Underwritten By
Hartford Fire Insurance Company–Rated A+ by A.M. Best Company

Blanket Employee Dishonesty Coverage– Insures for loss of money, securities and other property caused by fraudulent or dishonest acts of any employee against the F.O.P. Lodge.

Definition of Employee includes all officers, directors, volunteers and committee chairpersons whether compensated or not.

Effective Date of Coverage

The Company reserves the right to decline coverage after review of the application.

Coverage is continuous until cancelled by request of the Lodge or by non-payment of 3 year insurance premium to Hartford.

The Fidelity Bond Program is not a plan offered or covered by FOP Legal Plan, Inc. The Fidelity Bond Program is offered and insured by an outside independent insurance company and is endorsed by The Grand Lodge FOP.

The Hartford


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