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In today’s collegiate and professional sports world, athletic insurance has become a necessity for players to protect themselves and their future earning potential. This can often be a confusing and superficial world so it is important to have a trusted advisor who has first-hand experience in navigating this process.

As the starting center for the football team at the University of Michigan, insurance coverage was the last thing Jack Miller wanted to think about.  With athletic department personnel, agents and advisors all offering their input, Jack and his family were overwhelmed and confused by all the choices and options.

Jack, now a Hylant client executive, brings his years of experience as a former collegiate athlete and coach to Hylant. Combining expertise and commitment, we help you easily understand your athletic insurance options and find policies that are right for you. Our team of professionals helps bring you, your family and your future the peace of mind that proper protection brings. Click to hear directly from Jack.

Together, we can personally customize multiple insurance solutions to find what works best for you, including:

  • Permanent Total Disability
  • Loss of Future Income
  • Critical Injury
  • Endorsement Coverage
  • Roster Bonus
  • Split Contract Coverage
  • Life Insurance
  • Homeowners Insurance
  • Auto Insurance

Not familiar with value of having athlete insurance? Hear what ESPN has to say in their article, “How Athletes Get Insurance and Figure Out What Their Bodies Are Worth.”

To us, you’re more than a client, you’re family. And that’s just the way we treat you. Founded by Edward P. Hylant in 1935, we are a family-owned business based on honesty and respect. As your broker, we are dedicated to you—not corporate interests. You’ll work with a team of responsive, caring professionals who are able to guide and protect you, so you won’t feel overwhelmed about making insurance decisions.


Our experts would love to talk to you about the best possible insurance solutions for your particular needs.

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