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When you work in an industry as complex as yours, it pays to be careful. So when someone claims to be an expert at helping you manage risk, dig a little deeper. Then talk with us.

We know your industry. Our team of experts has more than a century of experience working with businesses who specialize in chemicals, coatings, adhesives, lubricants, polymers and the like. We understand the risks you face and the potential impact they can have on your business, as well as how to structure and place cost-effective risk management programs. That means when we walk through your plant, assess your supply chain or help you consider issues related to an acquisition, we understand the insurance coverage that needs to be in place to eliminate surprises and protect your chemical company. We see the gaps. We know how to build a program to protect you.

We start the process by getting to know you and your organization. We ask you about your business goals, challenges and concerns. Then, together, we customize a risk management plan that lowers your overall cost of risk while providing the coverage and services you need, such as:

With an office near you, we are here to take your call or attend a meeting. Our team of chemical and polymer industry experts is equipped to deliver a superior, cost-effective insurance program that helps you achieve your business goals.

Insurance can be complicated, but it’s our passion. We’re ready when you are.


Our experts would love to talk to you about finding the best options for risk management in the chemical industry based on your particular needs.

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