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Do you know all the business risks you face as a franchisee or franchisor? From protecting your brand to the ever-changing regulatory world for business owners, there is a lot at risk. Insurance is complex. We make it easier. Our dedicated franchise and hospitality risk management experts are experienced in helping people like you safeguard their businesses.

We know that relationships are important, so we start by getting to know you. Then we learn about your business–how it’s organized and what challenges and concerns keep you up at night. Together, we examine and quantify your specific business risks, then create a cost-effective, comprehensive plan to manage them.

Whether you are a franchisor, a franchisee or an independent owner, your trusted Hylant advisor is ready to:

  • Consult and design risk control programs to help you reduce the potential for losses before anything happens. We would rather help you prevent a claim than manage a claim. If a claim does occur, we have dedicated claims professionals that will lead you through the process to ensure a resolution that is reasonable and deserved.
  • Place the necessary insurance to cover your risks. This could include liability, property, cyber, executive risk (franchisor’s errors and omissions), auto liability and other types of insurance, as well as employee benefits programs and workers’ compensation coverage.
  • Negotiate the best coverage at competitive rates. We have exceptional partnerships with insurance carriers who specialize in the franchise and hospitality industries.
  • Create tailored programs to protect your operations; your insurance policies should fit your business model, after all. We will also help you explore and understand alternative risk financing if business conditions warrant it.
  • Review all contracts to ensure risk is transferred appropriately to reduce the possibility of uncovered claims. This is a critical component of the franchisor/franchisee business relationship and landlord/tenant relationship.
  • Monitor and manage insurance compliance through the tracking and verification of insurance certificates. You have 24/7 access to know whether your vendors or franchisees are in compliance with insurance requirements set by you.
  • As an extension of your team, your Hylant franchise and hospitality insurance specialist works with you to drive down your total cost of risk to protect your brand and your balance sheet. We add value to your organization.


Our experts would love to talk to you about finding the best franchise and hospitality insurance options for your particular needs.

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