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The complexity of bringing a product or service to the life science industry has increased exponentially in recent decades. Expansion of regulatory compliance, stricter FDA regulations and widespread litigation are just a few of the obstacles you face. But you don’t have to face them alone.

Your Hylant life science expert is engaged with and understands your industry. Whether your organization specializes in medical devices, clinical research, clinical trials, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology or product and technology development, your Hylant team has the deep knowledge to partner effectively with you on your business insurance and risk management program.

We get to know you. Then we get to know your business and organizational culture. With a clear understanding of your goals in mind, we perform a comprehensive risk analysis to identify your possible insurance gaps and emerging exposures.

Working with you, we customize programs to help you better manage your risk, reduce operating costs and improve efficiencies. Services you may benefit from include:

  • Protocol and informed consent consultation to identify any new exposures or potential claim scenarios
  • Contract review and recommendations, in plain language, to help you identify uncovered exposures; to clarify requirements, roles and responsibilities within these contracts; and to help you make fully informed decisions for your organization
  • Risk management and loss control services to help you implement best practices, improve your risk profile and reduce the number and impact of potential claims
  • Domestic and international capabilities to protect you wherever you do business
  • Proprietary technology to streamline the collection, management and distribution of data and exposure information
  • Working with insurance carriers who specialize in and are dedicated to your industry

Beyond helping you protect your physical and intellectual property and reputation, we can assist you in developing and implementing a compliant employee benefits program that helps you recruit and retain a competitive workforce–a program that fits your specific needs, corporate culture and strategic plan.


Our experts would love to talk to you about finding the best life science business insurance, risk management and employee benefits options for your particular needs.

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