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Public Entity Risk Management

From water quality to business development. From playground safety and public meetings to emergency operations. From streets and roads to employee health and wellness and beyond. The breadth of the operations you manage each day can seem overwhelming.

Identifying risks and potential hazards, predicting sources of loss and determining ways to prevent them from materializing are all part of the challenge. Our public entity experts stand ready to help you meet that challenge.

Your Hylant public entity insurance specialist understands the varied and complex nature of the work you do. Together with you, we work to identify your specific needs and vulnerabilities, then create a tailored risk management strategy that goes beyond simply public entity insurance. As part of our comprehensive services that help you proactively control loss and protect your community and budget, we provide:

  • Ongoing education and training, such as active intruder preparedness, public liability awareness, driver training, and facilities and public space inspections, such as playgrounds
  • Safety policy and procedure reviews and consultation
  • Contract review of liability waivers and hold harmless agreements
  • Consultation and design of contractor and vendor insurance requirement standards
  • Vendor certificate of insurance compliancy and data management

Even with the best plans and processes in place, accidents happen. When they do, we are ready. Your Hylant claims expert is dedicated solely to public entities and fully investigates each incident, ensuring you benefit from the defense and immunities granted to public entities. We stand by you, focusing on long-term solutions rather than paying frivolous claims.


Our experts would love to talk to you about finding the best public entity insurance and risk management options for your particular needs.

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