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Driver shortages, retention and health. Training and safety. Fuel efficiency. Theft. Regulatory compliance. You have a lot to be concerned about. We can help take some of the worry out of your job.

Your Hylant transportation insurance and risk management expert works exclusively with the trucking and public transportation industry. Our clients range from small to very large fleet operations, owner-operators of all sizes and independent contractors. We speak your language.

We get to know you. Then we analyze your specific risks and challenges. Together, we make decisions that result in a tailored risk management plan that safeguards your people, property, equipment, reputation and other critical assets. Your program could include solutions to address:

We also can work with you to develop a budget-sensitive employee benefits program to help you attract and retain the best drivers and other key employees.

Further, we support you with tools like our Compliance Monitoring System and the Hylant Fleet Management System, a customized, easy-to-use software program that helps you monitor all aspects of your motor carrier operations and manage your independent contractor and owner-operator insurance programs. The results: confidence in knowing that financially sound carriers are in place, and that data is assessed and maintained to help secure your operations and ensure lasting profitability.

Use the “Contact an Expert” button below to connect with a transportation specialist, get a personal tour and see how you can benefit from using our proprietary technologies. Working together, we can drive down the total cost of risk for you and your company.


Our experts would love to talk to you about finding the best transportation insurance, risk management and employee benefits options for your particular needs.

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