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Use our case studies and white papers as an insider’s guide to important insurance-related matters people and businesses face today.

Case Study | Cost Containment: Creating a Transparent Pharmacy Solution

Hylant recognizes their clients’ needs will change as their companies grow. A seed production, packing and distribution company had a standard pharmacy benefit manager contract in place. Over time the data and transparency fell below market standard. Additionally, as …

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Case Study | Plan Oversight: Cost Containment

Hylant aims to help clients substantially reduce large claim costs without disrupting medical treatments. A manufacturer’s medical costs increased more than one million dollars within 12 months. Hylant reviewed the company’s self-funded medical program and discovered the company had …

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Case Study | Customized Consulting: Discovering Costly Inadequacies

Hylant is committed to helping clients manage their risks in the most cost-effective and service-focused manner available, including customizing consulting agreements. Hylant’s client, a produce cultivator, distributor and retailer in Florida, had approximately 25 different policies in place that …

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Case Study | Managing Risks: Cybercrime Security in Manufacturing

Hylant specializes in providing unique risk management protection options for large corporations in a variety of emerging risks, such as cyber attacks. One client experienced such an attack. An employee at a large manufacturing company received what appeared to …

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Whitepaper | Leveraging Risk Management to Prepare a Company for Sale

As more middle-market companies begin to consider an exit or divestiture, dealmakers are searching for new ways to better market a company. It’s estimated that 60 percent of full-time M&A advisors will spend 2018 on the sell side. One opportunity …

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Case Study | Managing Rising Healthcare Costs: Wellness Program for Hospital

Hylant knows that the most effective change is the one that comes from within. That’s why we partner with companies of all sizes to thoughtfully design and implement wellness programs. Our goal: to help employees gain personal control of …

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Case Study | Managing Bankruptcy Receivership: Insurance for Law Firms

When a prominent Indiana law firm was evaluating a request to administer bankruptcy receivership for a large ethanol refinery, they contacted Hylant. The law firm recognized that there were some significant risks associated with environmental exposures at the site. …

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