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Use our resources as an insider’s guide to important insurance-related matters people and businesses face today.

White Paper | Smarter Strategies for Selecting Your Next Broker

Without experience or practice in selecting a broker, many business leaders select their insurance brokers through complex requests for proposals or even simply requesting a premium quote. There are more strategic ways to choose your insurance broker. Download your …

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White Paper | Haven Re: A Boutique Group Captive Solution

Group captives have long served as a solution for businesses of every industry to protect corporate assets while gaining cost efficiencies. Download your complimentary white paper to learn: Why captives are rising in popularity How to determine if a …

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White Paper | Micro Captives Under a Microscope: Converting Your 831(b) to an 831(a)

831(b) captives are coming under increased scrutiny by the IRS. Instead of abandoning a working solution, consider converting your captive to an 831(a). Download your complimentary white paper to learn: Why the IRS has cracked down on 831(b) captives …

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White Paper | Duty of Care: Creating a Holistic Approach to Protecting Traveling Employees

As COVID travel restrictions loosen up, employers will be held liable for the safety of their traveling employees on foreign assignment. What do you need to know now? Read our whitepaper to learn: How COVID-19 has changed duty of …

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White Paper | Executive Risk: Protecting Your Organization from Cybercrime

Cyber risks carry significant legal and regulatory implications, so boards and leadership teams need to devote regular attention to discussing how those risks will be avoided, managed, mitigated or insured. Read this white paper for an overview of the …

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White Paper | Transaction Risk Management: Strategies for Protecting Owners and Capital Investors

Unforeseen risks can transform a seemingly great merger, acquisition or other transaction into one that falls well short of financial expectations. That’s why today’s executives at organizations of all sizes are relying on sophisticated risk management expertise to ensure …

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White Paper | Safety and Loss Control: Strategies to Protect Employees and Profitability

Business leaders often think of “loss control” only as the reduction of theft. But injuries, illnesses and fatalities are also losses, and they cost American businesses billions of dollars and billions of workdays each year. Read this white paper …

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White Paper | Life Science: Managing Risks at Every Life Cycle Stage

Think about your life science company. What could go wrong? Who would be impacted? To what extent? What type of remedy would they seek? What would happen to your company as a result? Now consider this: The answers to …

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White Paper | Captive Insurance: An Affordable Solution for Associations and Affinity Groups

If your enterprise has unique or extraordinary risks, finding the specific coverage needed—and finding it at an affordable price—may be difficult. Download this white paper to learn how a captive insurance solution may offer your organization: Tailored coverage More …

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