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Insurance is a complex matter. It works differently in every country. At Hylant, we combine our global experience with a network of insurance professionals across the globe to give you peace of mind that your insurance and risk management needs are met.

As our client, you benefit from our solid relationships with leading insurance carriers around the world. We have direct access to the global market, including vast experience in Bermuda, London and other major European insurance partners. Hylant is one of the original U.S. founding members of the Worldwide Broker Network (WBN), with teams of like-minded experts on the ground ready to serve you in 100 countries and 500 cities around the globe.

Our WBN partners are located where you are, providing customized, locally compliant programs that meet your needs. Because Hylant and the WBN are independent organizations, we have the flexibility to work outside the network if you have preferences or existing broker relationships.

Your Hylant service team, in conjunction with our international partners, provides global services that include:

Our global expertise, coupled with our network partners’, enables us to provide you with innovative solutions and techniques that simplify complex matters. We overcome differences between borders, languages, business practices and customs.



Our experts would love to talk to you about finding the best global insurance options for your particular needs.

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