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Under the right circumstances, captives can be an excellent insurance solution and cost-saving tool. But captives aren’t right for all businesses.

If your organization is considering this complex risk-financing alternative, it pays to work with someone who has a vetted process for helping you understand whether forming a captive is in your company’s best interests; someone with deep experience in structuring and implementing captives. That someone is Hylant.

Your Hylant captive risk management expert starts by getting to know you, understanding your financial and operational goals, the challenges you face and any concerns you have. Then, using Hylant’s proprietary R3™ software, we work with you to systematically:

  • Explore and raise awareness of your organization’s strategic, financial, human capital and operational risks
  • Quantify the potential financial impacts of your risks
  • Prioritize risks into potential coverage categories (assume, mitigate, prevent, finance)
  • Study your organization’s risk appetite and comfort level
  • Consider the cost/benefit and risk profile resulting from the potential formation of a captive insurance company

If after careful consideration you determine that a captive will deliver the business outcomes you desire, your Hylant alternative risk management team has the experience to structure, implement, operate and service your captive-related insurance programs, including:

  • Agency captives
  • Segregated cell captives
  • Single-parent captives
  • Group captives (both homogenous and heterogeneous)

As your captive management team, we provide customized financial reporting services that deliver the performance insights you need. We work with you to ensure that your company remains in compliance with insurance laws and regulations. And over time, we help ensure that the program continues to meet your risk management goals.

If you currently have a captive, your Hylant risk financing specialist can conduct a feasibility study, helping you understand if your captive is successfully delivering the outcome you originally set or should be recalibrated to maximize your business results.


Our experts would love to talk to you about finding the best captive insurance program for your particular needs.

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