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Risk Financing Insurance

Simply stated, some businesses are more complex than others and require highly customized risk financing options. If yours is one of them, we have the dedicated experts and sophisticated tools to serve you.

We start at the beginning by getting to know you. Understanding your concerns, challenges, and operational structure, we develop a risk financing plan to achieve your desired results.

Working in partnership with you, we identify, quantify and prioritize your risks. Then we develop a risk model to help you explore strategies and understand the financial implications of choices you could make. Some of the techniques we use as part of this process include:

  • Risk optimization assessment
  • Economic cost of risk analysis (ECOR)
  • Risk-adjusted return on capital analysis (RAROC)
  • Risk identification with expected value analysis (R3)
  • Predictive modeling
  • Confidence interval modeling and assessment

Based on what we learn, we provide recommendations on how to address your risks. Emerging risks, risks that are difficult to quantify, industry-specific risks and risks that span multiple industries may require alternative risk solutions, such as:

  • Captives of various structures including group, single parent, (a) and (b) election, micro, risk retention groups, risk pools and feasibility assessments
  • Structured insurance
  • Integrated risk programs and policies
  • Stretched aggregate multiyear structures
  • Parametric triggered insurance
  • Insurance linked securities (ILS), including catastrophic bonds and insurance sidecars

We work with you, carefully considering which structures are a good fit for your organization. Your Hylant risk financing expert is by your side designing, negotiating and implementing the optimal program, and stands ready to serve you if questions arise or business conditions change.



Our experts would love to talk to you about finding the best risk financing insurance options for your particular needs.

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