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Surety Bonds

When you need surety support, you need a partner who has the background and resources to respond knowledgeably and quickly. One who knows that every client and every need is different. A partner like Hylant.

Your Hylant surety team is ready when you are, whether you need an occasional one-off bond, the development of a tailored and sustainable surety program, or a consultative review of your firm’s surety program. Our depth of expertise extends throughout the surety area, including but not limited to the issuance of:

  • Bid bonds–assures the principal can provide performance bond if contracted
  • Performance bonds–guarantees the performance of a contract
  • Payment bonds–secures proper payment of services to suppliers, subcontractors and others
  • License and permit bonds–provides assurances that a business is credible and adheres to laws
  • Supply bonds–covers performance of a contract to supply materials
  • Public official bonds–guarantees faithful performance of duty by a public official other than federal
  • Appeal bonds–supports payment of a final judgement
  • Customs bonds–supports compliance and payment of import duties

We have the experience and strong carrier relationships to find creative, competitive answers to even the most challenging business situations.

As your partner, we get to know you. And we get to know your business. We use what we learn to customize programs and services to achieve your desired business outcomes. Your Hylant surety team serves clients large and small in a wide variety of industries, including construction, trucking and logistics, manufacturing, financial services, healthcare and assisted living, retail, education, and maintenance and service providers.

Because we understand the surety companies’ varied underwriting appetites and requirements, we are able to guide you through the underwriting process to ensure you receive the most competitive and responsive program available. Your Hylant surety expert will:

  • Provide financial analysis and professional assessment of your current surety program, and identify opportunities to enhance your access to surety credit
  • Analyze your business and provide the tools to mitigate a wide variety of potential hazards, from customer bankruptcy, nonpayment and slow payment, to nonperformance or default by suppliers and subcontractors
  • Tailor Hylant’s service and support platform to meet your specific needs
  • Provide access to proprietary technology that empowers you to request a bond and monitor your bond program 24/7
  • Establish and maintain your access to specialty and international surety programs as needed

We are ready to put our experience and relationships to work for you.


Our experts would love to talk to you about finding the best surety bond insurance options for your particular needs.

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